Become a Massage Therapist Online

Are You Exploring Massage Therapy as a Career Path Online Education Can be the Perfect Fit

Some programs are offered completely online while others provide hybrid options where most coursework can be completed from home. For instance, the Allied Health Career Institute provides an Advanced Massage Practitioner course online for approximately $7,200.


Rubmd allow students to access learning from anywhere around the world and are an ideal solution for those who want to expand their skill set but cannot afford travel expenses to attend traditional classes. They’re also an ideal way for busy people balancing family or other commitments with studies.

Online programs help even out the playing field for those living in rural or remote areas who lack access to quality education, making retraining or changing careers much simpler and cost-effective.

Massage therapists can utilize online marketing to grow their client base. While online methods may prove helpful in expanding clientele, more traditional marketing approaches such as word-of-mouth referrals and local ads should also be employed for maximum success. Utilizing an online massage therapy booking system may save time and money by enabling clients to reschedule appointments at any time – especially beneficial if these clients book regularly!

Courses offered

Massage therapy courses online have become more prevalent as medical professionals recognize its health benefits and demand rises due to an aging population and expanded healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Many students prefer certificate programs over associate degrees due to faster employment prospects.

These programs combine classroom-based instruction and hands-on massage practice. Coursework may include anatomy and physiology, basic massage theory and clinical practicum as well as medical error prevention, HIV/AIDS education, business aspects of massage and ethics related to massage.

Alpha Anywhere’s online massage therapy program combines an online curriculum and hands-on training sessions in Jacksonville. Students can work at their own pace, review lessons again if necessary and receive support from an instructor – as well as scheduling morning and evening classes through this flexible program.


Prices can range anywhere from $65 to $180 depending on the type and length of massage service requested, with costs determined by location. It is wise to obtain an estimate before scheduling a massage session as costs can differ considerably between locations and massage therapists are required to cover training expenses as well as supplies, insurance premiums and any city or county license costs which could add up to $150 annually for self-employed therapists.

Other costs to consider for massage therapy training may include linens and oils, textbooks, student massage table rental fees, liability insurance policies and any incidentals. Tuition varies based on which school you enroll with – generally more costly programs offer more advanced coursework such as hydrotherapy, sports massage and trigger point therapy techniques; less costly schools often provide shorter educational programs focused on basic massage skills that provide you with a sound foundation for future careers in massage. Both options will provide you with an excellent opportunity.


Massage therapy certification programs online can open doors to a career in health care. Most programs require either a high school diploma or GED to enroll; it may also be beneficial to take certain prerequisite courses such as science and business-related ones as preparation. Some programs even combine in-person instruction with online coursework delivery methods.

Many massage therapists work in various settings, such as private practice, medical offices, cruise ships and resorts. They may also set up their own studio at home or establish mobile massage services that travel directly to clients’ locations. Some professionals even gain specialty certifications that increase their competitive edge on the job market.

Massage therapists must possess both physical strength and flexibility; additionally they must have good communication and decision-making abilities. Furthermore, massage therapists must possess an extensive repertoire of massage and adjunctive techniques across all of the body – palpating hands and fingers while pushing, pulling, kneading, grasping wrists twisting wrists lifting 10 pounds during periods of 90 minutes standing without interruption or interruption from work interruption.

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