Inspiration and the source of Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss may seems different and catchy in Asia but it took inspiration from a Dutch reality game show, Big brother.

A show with the same format!

This is the show with exceptional pattern. The format says a lot but how this works when it comes to elimination, then there is a certain pattern.

Every week all of the contestants or house mates gathered by the host and name two persons that contestants thinks should not continue for whatever reason.

These two people then have to face the public votes that means eventually one of the nominee has to leave the house. But there are exceptions.

Director or the Bigg Boss 16 online have the power of revoking and decision and bringing back anyone he wants.

The same pattern is followed till the end. Last three housemates will decide the top three winners of the show. This is the whole pattern.

But there are few things to understand.

It is not necessary that people get to kicked out of the house through the pattern mentioned above. But in case of any sever violation one can get kicked out of the show.

Inspiration may have been taken from a foreign show but now Bigg Boss has evolved very much and now you can see a lot of changes.

This show is all about making the right choice and right decisions in no time.

Your one wrong move can create a problem or get you evicted from the house. The safer you play the more chances you will have!

The pattern is not complicated until someone messes with it.

But if you are calm and doing whatever Bigg Boss wants then you are our of danger.

But fitting in is important and that is the whole point. Be a team!

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