Tools to Watch Instagram Stories

Tools designed to watch Instagram stories allow you to access any individual’s story without them knowing you were viewing it. These online services only require an email address as an entry point and work on any device without incurring additional costs.

Use these tools to monitor friends, competitors or any other profile you want. They are user-friendly and will give you all of the information needed for spying purposes.


Iganony allows users to access Instagram stories and download photos for viewing as well as analyze accounts. It is completely free and does not require registration – its key features include tracking followers, likes, comments and posts for each profile analyzed – making this tool perfect for keeping an eye on friends or family on social media!

Iganony (also known as Dumpor) is an analytic website offering various tools and features that allow users to snoop on social media profiles without their target knowing. Their services are completely anonymous; they promise not to track IP addresses or look at social media activity on your behalf. Desktop computers as well as mobile phones can access this service and support is provided via email and phone number.

Iganony is easy and has multiple ways of use; to start, you must know what a private Instagram account is; this information can be found by searching Iganony with their Instagram username in the search box. Once identified, download their story directly onto your device for offline viewing!

Iganony is an accessible and user-friendly online tool for viewing Instagram Stories, promising safety and simplicity while failing to protect from hackers. However, the website is riddled with intrusive advertising, often failing to load properly – but still provides useful surveillance on friends and family members.


Storiesig is an online service that allows users to anonymously watch Instagram profile stories and IGTV without alerting the person directly that you’re watching them. No registration or signup are needed – perfect if you want to follow athletes or others with private accounts on Instagram!

Storiesig works by accessing public data shared by users via Instagram’s API, such as photos and videos shared publicly by them. Furthermore, Storiesig allows you to download any story highlights so you can save them and repost them without constantly scrolling leftward.

People use StoriesIG for various reasons. Perhaps they want to stay informed on what’s happening with their friends, celebrities or politicians; perhaps they even hope to catch a glimpse of an ex-lover or girlfriend? Whatever the motivation may be, StoriesIG provides the platform that allows users to stay up-to-date.

InstaStories is a user-friendly site with a clean interface and no annoying pop-up ads or captchas that makes using it extremely simple, working from any device with internet access. Plus it’s free and doesn’t require ad blocker software or browser extensions – making it the ideal way to spy on Instagram! Plus there’s also an excellent search function, helping users locate all of its stories and posts quickly and efficiently.


StoriesDown is an innovative web application that makes it possible to watch Instagram stories without being recognized, without needing any software installation or requiring any browser plugins to run. Compatible with both computers and mobile devices, StoriesDown works in any browser and offers additional features like downloading high-resolution photos and videos from Instagram Stories.

StoriesDown makes using Instagram easy: just open a web browser and enter an Instagram username you want to view, and this website will analyze its profile and display all published stories by that account. If they have more than one story available for downloading, simply choose which ones you would like and save them to your computer!

Storiesdown can be an invaluable tool for stalking, but should be used with caution. According to Instagram’s terms of service, using third-party applications to download private stories violates their policies, potentially leading to penalties or even having your IP address banned from Instagram altogether.

StoriesDown is a simple, user-friendly Instagram viewer designed for all devices that is free to download or install, offering users extra privacy while offering high-quality images at incredible user friendliness. Compatible with iPhone, Android and Mac platforms alike – StoriesDown makes an excellent Instagram viewing option!

Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories is an Instagram viewer and downloader that lets you save videos, photos, Highlights, Stories and tagged posts from public or private accounts for offline viewing and other purposes such as social media studies, archiving or tracking users. Search hashtags or usernames to subscribe to them automatically download their latest posts and Stories automatically; choose only Stories downloads per time period or choose all combination downloads at once! Qoob also allows for filtering for timed or date limited downloads so as to keep you engaged on Instagram all year round!

Once your content has been downloaded, this tool will list it for easy viewing or exporting in CSV or TXT format to a folder. Compatible with both Windows and MacOS and can access any Instagram account – even private ones!

This online tool is straightforward and user-friendly; simply enter a username to watch Instagram stories anonymously and automatically download high-quality images and videos with metadata from Instagram accounts. Plus it comes equipped with commercial use capabilities – sign up for a free starter plan or pay $7/month to subscribe to 10 profiles!

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