TotallyScience Review – Unblocked Games and Proxy Apps For School Use

TotallyScience is a website offering unblocked games and proxy apps specifically targeted towards school use. Established in 2022 with the aim of offering users the best experience when it comes to playing online games at school, TotallyScience was designed as an unblocking solution with unblocked games available 24/7 allowing access from any location around the globe.

TotallyScience GitLab provides researchers with more than just an expansive library of scientific content; it also offers various tools that enable them to remain productive such as code repositories (like GitLab) and virtual lab environments.


Totally Science is an unblocked gaming website offering users a selection of unblocked games and proxy apps, including puzzle, action and strategy games, educational options as well as various genres spanning genres like puzzle and action.

The website boasts a straightforward layout, with players easily accessing games and proxy apps from the upper left corner of the page. From there, they can select their desired games and begin playing immediately – there is even a chat button and profile feature to facilitate user communication with one another!

TotallyScience provides researchers with a platform to organize, share and access their data easily in one location. It features tools to assist the research process such as code repositories, wikis and project boards – as well as being compatible with platforms like GitLab and Jupyter Notebook for seamless collaboration between colleagues on projects. What’s more TotallyScience is free!


Totally Science offers its users an affordable pricing plan with multiple packages depending on the size of their team. Each plan offers specific features and benefits, including project management tools, workflow tracking and analytics to streamline research process while increasing productivity.

TotallyScience offers several features designed to enhance the user experience, such as automated testing and continuous integration, which will ensure all code changes are thoroughly tested before being integrated into the app. Furthermore, GitLab integration makes accessing data simpler for researchers and allows them to gain insights into their work quickly as well as quickly identifying any problems that may arise so they can resolve issues promptly and efficiently. TotallyScience will maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect all of your information securely.

Concluding Words

Totally Science offers students access to unblocked games and proxy apps for school use. This website has quickly become one of the most sought-after resources, popular among students of all ages, offering them an opportunity to enjoy online games without being restricted by their schools. Offering games such as: 1v1 LoL; Five Nights at Freddy’s 2048 Retro Bowl Drift Boss Minecraft Basketball Stars Smash Karts; plus many others are among its selection.

Scientific research relies on collaboration, and TotallyScience GitLab offers scientists an ideal environment in which to collaborate. Equipped with tools such as bug reports, task lists and code joining capabilities, scientists can collaborate easily on projects with others while advanced safety procedures ensure only authorized users have access to project data.

GitLab can be an invaluable asset in fields such as computational chemistry, where scientists use computer simulations to study complex systems. Thanks to TotallyScience GitLab, these researchers can easily track changes made to simulation codes or other inputs; this enables them to improve models faster and make discoveries quicker.

Bottom Line

Totally Science is an advanced research platform that can drastically transform how you conduct scientific experiments. With its comprehensive set of features and tools, creating an effortless workflow to maximize productivity is easier than ever – although some users may initially find its learning curve and limited customization options daunting.

Totally Science is known for its impressive feature set and customer support team, who work to give users the best experience. Their resource library contains various useful guides and materials; plus their community is an ideal way to seek assistance and advice from other scientists.

If you are curious to give Totally Science a try, please contact their support team for further details. Their representatives are available 24-7 to address any queries and address concerns that might arise; they would be more than glad to provide any assistance that is required of them.

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