What is ParentPay?

Parentpay is an online payment system for school payments such as meals, trips and music tuition that provides secure card transactions.

Parents can access their account using a username and password, as well as use it to make donations.


ParentPay Login is a secure payment system designed to replace cash payments in our schools and nurseries for meals, trips and activities. It’s simple and keeps card details safe: communication with banks happens securely while transactions can be seen later as electronic entries on an accounting statement. Plus you can top up online or at stores that display PayPoint signs!

If your children attend various schools in Brighton & Hove, ParentPay allows you to consolidate them all under one account for quick and efficient payments without worrying about forgetting cash. Trusts or groups of schools can access consolidated settlement reports without needing individual log-ins reducing admin time while mitigating data entry errors; plus it integrates seamlessly with finance systems allowing automatic upload of school accounting codes onto central settlement statements.

Cashless Payments

ParentPay is the country’s market-leader in terms of online payments, parent communications and meal and income management reporting for schools, MAT’s, local authorities and caterers. Parents pay online using debit cards and can set Auto Top-Up so they can control how much is spent daily on food and beverage items.

ParentPay is already helping tens of thousands of parents make fast and efficient payments for school meals, trips and other items quickly and efficiently. They can also use it to pay for music lessons, swimming classes, music clubs, after-school care services or wraparound services.

Staff in school offices will find this technology extremely time-saving and reduce hygiene risks associated with cash handling, while making it simple for parents to monitor their child’s balance at multiple schools with just a click or two of a button – giving parents peace of mind that the money they pay is safe and secure.


ParentPay makes payments easy and safe, providing parents/carers with secure ways to cover school-related expenses through credit/debit cards, direct bank transfers or PayPoint outlets. Furthermore, ParentPay enables them to track payment history as well as receive notifications regarding upcoming payments – giving parents greater transparency and control of expenditure so that they can better manage their finances.

Schools can access detailed income reports that can be easily organized according to pupil, date range or income type. They can even be broken down by cost centre and bank account to aid reconciliation – saving schools time while also keeping an audit trail of all payments being made and received.

ParentPay Medical Tracker helps schools record incidents, illnesses and medications administered efficiently and quickly share them with parents, teachers and physicians – creating less paper forms to file and improving communication between schools and families. It can also be used to create and share care plans which reduce administration costs while simultaneously increasing health and safety measures at schools.


ParentPay provides online payments, parental engagement and income management reporting services for schools, multi academy trusts, local authorities and caterers. Parents can easily make secure credit and debit card payments for school items such as meals, trips, clubs and uniforms using this convenient platform.

ParentPay goes beyond offering cashless services by also helping schools manage wraparound care such as clubs and extracurricular activities through Club Manager. This system makes event recording and payments simple while cutting administrative overhead costs significantly.

ParentsPay also includes a facility to help catch up missed meals due to absence or changes of plans, while also offering integration with Arbor MIS for staff and student ID mapping, via an API sync that will activate once ParentPay have finished mapping data – speeding up schools’ ability to get up and running more rapidly.

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